Persistent Crashing Sketchup + Enscape 2.6.1

  • I have constantly been experiencing crashes to both Enscape and Sketchup during output of 4K images (Ultra HD). I am running an RTX 2080 and I have the most up-to-date drivers (441.20). This happens to all of my office files - files that weren't experiencing this issue prior to 2.6. Issues that others had brought up in 2.6.0 with outputs hanging on the loading bar were occurring, but now under 2.6.1 the output lag is causing a full crash (without a crash report popup I might add). I am not able to create outputs at this time above 1080p. Anyone have thoughts on why this is occurring or if you are experiencing the same issue?



  • I also encountered a situation similar to yours.

    I used the RTX2070 and installed the latest Nvidia driver. But if the length of the output is larger than 6000 pixels (even in extremely simple scenes), 2.6.1 will crash.

    In contrast, the allowed maximum size picture can be output in 2.6.0.

  • Travis D , reiset , thanks for your reports. I'm afraid, due to the nature of RTX the same rendering resolutions require quite a lot more VRAM, but we're currently in the process of improving this behavior further and further, making it more VRAM efficient. In this case, please still kindly send in a feedback report both of you so that we can make very sure that this is surely caused by the VRAM running full, which is in turn responsible for crashes, and not due to some other problem.

  • Thanks Demian, I have been in touch with Peter from Customer Support and he's been very helpful. Looks like it is a VRAM issue. I have, at any rate, been finding success at 4K in 2.6.1 with another workstation as it has an 11GB 1080ti the latest drivers (DXR active)...unless the RTX support in 2.6.1 isn't the same as DXR support...maybe you can clarify? Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you're working on VRAM efficiency for the near future.

  • Travis D , DXR is not equal with RTX. Check out this article here for example for further information if you're interested.

    A excerpt from the site:

    "NVIDIA heavily focuses on the native hardware-accelerated tech which RTX is, whilst Microsoft stresses out that DirecX DXR is an extension of an existing DX tool-set and compatible with all of the future certified DX12-capable graphics cards"

    Still, the two are able to work together in unison, but to get to the point, the GTX 1080 Ti does not support hardware-accelerated RTX, which is why Enscape RTX support is also not available/activated for this card, which explains why you're able to render images in that high resolution without running into VRAM problems. :)

  • Enscape team,

    I'm having the same issue with RTX (2080,2070) video card, crash the skp, Iat my PC home with a Quadro p2000(no RTX) with 2.6.1, I'm not having issue capturing images at same resolution, same model.

    Already sent feedback of the model.. please advise when this issue is going to be resolve.

    see attached system inf

    thank you,

  • Per support recommendation , I updated the video card to lasted driver from the nvidia website (see screenshot),

    but I still having the same problem with 2.6.1 when I capture images, crash sketchup.

    the crash only happen on high and ultra resolution, medium and draft work fine , see link including sample with images on both version.

    per your recommendation I downgraded to 2.6.0, it is working on any resolution.


    I going to sent the report again to support , please keep me updated on this issue, by the way I like enscape,

    apologies for my English, it is not my first language.

    thank you,