Persistent Crashing Sketchup + Enscape 2.6.1

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  • cball Sorry to hear about that! You can also send us the logfiles from your machine directly via the Feedback button. Then we can take a look. Thanks in advance!

  • Greetings,

    I too am having crashing issues a user's laptop with an RTX card running Enscape with a particular Sketchup file, but everything seems to work fine with that file on another older non-RTX laptops, here is some info about the machine:

    Lenovo Legion RTX 2080 (mobile)

    Enscape Version : 2.6.0+11215 (Had to use this version because newer releases crash and cannot do VR on the machine)

    I believe the main feature of the file which is causing the failure is the fritting on the glass visible in the image attached. It is a series of parallelograms that gradually shrink creating a gradient pattern. These are modeled in Sketchup and are impacting RTX performance. If I turn off the layer with that geometry, everything works fine, but the fritting pattern is crucial to the design.

    A little more about the image, as you can see Enscape technically opens, but the 'refresh' icon on the lower left never stops while the fritting layer is on. I noticed that the image also never fully resolves and becomes static with the fritting turned on (even the water in a nearby fountain never stops moving). Curiously, I can click on the various starred views on the right-hand panel, and use the ASDW keys to navigate, but Enscape immediately crashes if I use the 'double-click' action to move to a specific location in the model. Also, you can see that the Performance Monitor is open and I am tracking the VRAM usage, which does not appear to max out.

    I hope this information is useful to the engineering team as they attempt to fix Enscape's ongoing RTX support issues. Let me know if there is a time-line to when this issue might get resolved as our firm is rolling out more and more RTX laptops and will be severely stunted if this issue is on-going much longer.



  • Hello Orozco_Seattle

    Thank you very much for the deep investigation of the issue. The best way for us to find out what's up would be to have the sketchup scene to reproduce the bug. Maybe this grid alone lets Enscape crash even if there is no other geometry in the scene? In this case it would be enough to have the grid to debug.

    If you cannot send the sketchup file, you still could try to create a standalone exe with this scene on an older machine, try to run it on RTX laptop and send us the standalone if it will crash with RTX.

    In any case, you may also send us the logs and crash dumps via feedback button (see my post signature). It is also the best way to get in contact with the support to send the scene file if you can. Thank you in advance!

    Let me know if there is a time-line to when this issue might get resolved

    There are a few bugfixes to the RTX implementation pending to be released. The major issue was, however, memory consumption which was reduced. There is no particular hotfix release date at the moment, but it should happen very soon.

  • HI,

    today, after Installing the lasted version of enscape 2.6.2 , I'm still having the same problem with 2.6.1 version, not loading enscape, or crashing SketchUp, also I cannot export in ultra-resolution, CUSTOM size image, complete crash SketchUp. all this behavior is happening in ultra-resolution setup, Unfortunately, I need to export the image or show the model in this setting because of our client demand.

    I already sent feedback ( under my business account)and updated the video card, meanwhile i going back to 2.6.0.

    we have several subscription in our office .....Please advise when this issue is going to be final resolved before I keep testing the version.

  • Have any of you guys tried raising the TdrDelay value in regedit? When I first started experimenting with Enscape, it was unusable due to all the crashes. I did a lot of research on my own because the support team couldn't find a solution quickly enough, and found this trick. I've had pretty much no crashes since I applied it.

    What increasing the TdrDelay does, is it forces your system to give more time to an unresponsive/busy graphics driver to recover before crashing.

    Here is a tutorial from Substance Painter on how to do this:…mputations-128745489.html

  • I'm using Enscape 2.7.0-preview.1+15081 with Rhino 6 and having what sounds like the same issue as Orozco_Seattle.

    I have a Rhino file that, when I turn on the visibility of a single object, will not render. I can tell it's not going to render (and will lock up or crash) because it doesn't stop "shimmering"... little bits of light play across reflective surfaces and the shading/shadows never appears (scene seems flat shaded). If I click "create a rendering..." the Enscape window goes black and nothing further happens. (Like Orozco_Seattle, I can see a lot of activity in Task Manager GPU monitor). I can close the window, but any attempt to restart Enscape in the same session fails (no Enscape window comes up). If I restart Rhino, Enscape will open again, but still crash if it's the same scene.

    The single object was a bit of window frame. A polysurface object with 8 flat surfaces, *but* a single end point had been moved a tiny bit inwards. Rhino seemed fine with it (using the SelBadObjects command did not select this object), but displayed it with a small black triangle shooting out a short distance at a funny angle.

    I raised the TdrDelay value in regedit: no effect at all.

    Now for the good news: turns out my project in Rhino was about 4,000' away from the origin (0,0,0). I moved everything so 0,0,0 was the center and so far no crashes. Phew!!

    [GPU: RTX 2070, latest drivers, Windows 10 etc.]

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    Phew, you had us in the first half there.

    Good to hear it's been resolved this way. Yes, objects being far out of center can pose an issue for any real-time scenery.

  • The crashing issue still happening on sketch up, the only version that work is 2.6.0 with nvidia rtx video card... any new about the fix?

    I only can export in draft resolution in big model...

    see response from enscape team,

    Thu, 23 Jan

    Hello Dario!

    Thank you for your report!

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the RTX enabled version of Enscape.

    I have also contacted our development team regarding your issue.

    They have emphasized that anything above 4k (3840 x 2160) is a serious problem regarding RTX due to increased memory requirements.

    Our rendering team is currently working on optimizing and resolving the issue for the 2.7 release.

    What we recommend is to render images with a lower resolution and/or keep an overall eye on your project size.

    Alternatively, you can also try to prevent this from happening by using Section Planes to adjust the transferred scene to only what's necessary.

    We are working on optimizing memory usage in regards to textures and reflections and hope to be more memory efficient in general for Enscape 2.7, our next upcoming release.

    In the meantime, if this issue affects your workflow, you might consider downgrading to an earlier version of Enscape since RTX support is disabled in those versions.

    Please let me know in case there is anything else I can assist you with!

    Kind regards,

    Josip Ćurko

    Enscape Support

    thank you,

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    DDM , I'm afraid, at least at the moment this behavior is normal. As mentioned, we're working hard on resolving this as soon as possible in general. In the meantime we'll kindly have to ask you to keep an eye out on the project size itself.