Material preview

  • Hi Enscape team / others

    I have a request / bug report. When assigning a material as an Enscape material in the material properties, the preview of that material becomes a default gray sphere, making it hard to navigate around your materials.

    Is this a bug? Otherwise a custom preview showing the correct material would be much appreciated.


  • Hey mat , I have not been able to reproduce this behavior yet - usually the preview should update accordingly depending on the material adjustments in the Enscape editor. Could you please kindly make sure that you've installed our latest release of Enscape? In case that doesn't help, a full re-installation may resolve this instead - if that also doesn't help, is there any chance you could send a small project scene through which I may be able to reproduce this problem myself? :)

    Finally, are there any "special" steps you're taking when it comes to creating a material in general, or anything else which is out of the ordinary?

  • Hi Demian

    This is a general problem at our company (100+ people) w, different versions of Enscape. I have tried reinstalling, but no luck. It happens when I change an existing material w. a texture to an Enscape texture and even if I create the Enscape texture from scratch:

    Same texture here as rhino and enscape material:

    Do you have an email i could send the examplefile to? I am not allowed to attached 3dm.

  • Hi mat, welcome to our forums!

    I have been able to reproduce the issue. While a materials base color is being synchronized to Rhino once you close the Enscape material editor, the texture in fact is not, since we're using a different material type structure than Rhino itself.

    This is going to be a tough one to change, I believe, but I'm happy for your feedback nonetheless.

    As a short term solution, all I can recommend is to first change the base color, then the texture, so your materials are at least somewhat distinguishable. Still, they wont be represented correctly in the Rhino's material selection, of course.

    I'll discuss this with the developers. Can you perhaps elaborate a bit how much of a nuisance this is for you? Like, would it help to at least distinguish the materials in color?

  • Hi Kaj

    Thanks. Good to know you are able to reproduce the problem! We work with custom libraries, so navigating around all the different textures can be somewhat of a challenge. We often use the preview to tell what the different textures represent. Therefore color is not so much of a solution.

    Here you see what happens once you have several textures. Hard to tell what is what:

    It would be really appreciated if this is something that could be implemented.