Revit Carpet Material - Similar to Grass

  • How about a feature in Revit that allows for a realistic 3D carpet material - similar to the realistic grass?

    Perhaps if a material has the word 'carpet' in the name, it will render as 3-dimensional carpet in Enscape, with signs of random wear / carpet threads facing different directions as we see in reality. This would eliminate the unrealistic tiling look that often occurs when using a flat carpet texture found online. :thumbsup:

  • Jordan , thanks a lot for that request!

    Be aware, you could already use Grass with a corresponding tile carpet texture to achieve that, in some cases it can look a bit off though, but I've seen great results from users. Still, if you haven't already feel free to try it out yourself! :) The corresponding tiling may also very well not be all too visible (greatly depends on the texture too of course) and also be aware that we provide carpets in our Asset Library as well. Again, just in case you haven't checked it out yourself. ;)

    In any way, what you asked for has been requested before multiple times already, so there is a dedicated feature request filed for this subject on our agenda. I've added your upvote to that!