Create nice interior lighting on exterior night scene

  • Hey runfree , thanks for your request and welcome to our forum! :)

    Have you already played around with our Enscape lights for SketchUp as well? You could, for example, place a few spotlights on the windows where light would naturally emit from the different rooms.

    To access our Enscape lights, simply click the "Enscape Objects" button and the following window will appear:

    Let me know in case you experience any issues with them.

  • At that distance and level of detail I would probably just make 3 or 4 'Lit Window' materials, make them self illuminating and give each one a differing light intensity or colour to give a more natural effect.

    I've just thrown the example below together in a couple of minutes, but with a bit of time and care to vary the lighting in the rooms up the building and avoid obvious pattern/repetition it could look pretty cool!