Web standalones. Lots of web standalones.

  • I am a new user and my enthusiastic client wants links to web views from each appartement from their website. How do I solve this request?

    Do I have to make a unique web standalone for each appartement? Is there no way to send different starting points to the same web standalone? I think I need to include the full project each time, since the customer is allowd to move wherever he likes...?

    Is there other limits other than the 500MB limit for web exports? If the rest of my clients wants the same I will be exporting quite a lot of web standalones. And where are the actual files ? Are Enscape hosting them for us forever without any restrictions?

    Does anyone have any experience to share?

  • If Enscape web standalone supported favorite views you could provide one presentation and have them jump to individual apartments via the views tab. Unfortunately it doesn't. So yes, you're stuck with doing one standalone per apartment - unless you can talk your client out of it which I'd honestly do unless you bill hourly. ;)