I want the double click to retain eye height, just like the VR navigation.

  • The VR navigations works beautifully, but often we use Enscape on screen in meetings, and we prefer to navigate with left click turns and right click orbits and double click to move somewhere specific. We then need to hammer down the space bar to get our noses up from the gravel after each little move.
    Can you please consider an option to retain the eye height and (walk) mode when double clicking?

    It would make our Enscaped office life so much better!

  • It's a well know and ignored issue since a long time. It makes VR Tours on the PC screen very uncomfortable. I suppose we will need to wait longer for a better PC screen navigation, but I'm sure you will get an upvote accordingly. ;)

    Thank you for asking for it again, maybe once a day it will be solved. It sounds like a must-be-there feature.


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  • Karin Skaug  Micha - yes, I have up-voted this feature request again for you both. I am not sure if there is some technical limitation, or if there just is not the demand for this feature. The story we have certainly does not have many votes (currently 4 votes), which probably explains why it hasn't actually been implemented.

  • Pete Chamberlain I wished, some times someone from the team would more think about features as an advocate of the users and in this case he should come to the conclusion, the current implement way isn't so intuitive and useful and a solution is needed. I don't know why not more users ask the same question again and again, maybe other users think - oh, the problem is reported, so why should I beg again?

    You have some professional early adapters who tell you that there is a strong problem and a fix is needed. If you ignore them than you waste a worthwhile resource over years. Also you waste the time of other users which run in the same situation, be frustrated, looking for a solution and write posts ... and get nothing. Believe me, the beg system of upvotes is a pain at the users side and doesn't cause a well adjusted software.

    The problem is that it is impossible to keep the head at standard height, if you navigate per mouse.

  • I agree with Micha here - a 'pester' system of prioritising development wishes seems a very poor way to move the program forward: I often come across the same issues that could be improved (and have ideas how to improve them) then find that I've already posted about it, try not to repeat myself, so don't post about it again.