Rhino 6_Shaded Display Mode_Enscape Materials

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  • Hello,

    When using "Shaded Display Mode" in Rhino (Color & Material usage set as: "Rendering Material") I get this massive white reflection. Since I updated all my object's materials from Vray Materials to Enscape Materials, I started to get this massive reflection / white plane over my rendered objects when orbiting in different directions. Also happens when using "Render Display Mode".

    All these materials they do have some reflection, bump, etc. but still it shouldn't project any white plane like it is doing now when orbiting.

    I'm used to work a lot in "Shaded Mode" with rendered materials. It is less heavy to orbit than "Render Mode" and I can see all my mappings. But having this big white reflection is very inefficient.

    Any ideas why this happens when using Enscape Materials? Suggestions on how to fix it?

    Looking forward,

    Thanks and best.

    Alonso Mortera

    Herzog & de Meuron

  • amortera - can you please submit some logfiles to us via the Enscape Feedback button, making sure to include the URL of this thread so I can link it up

    Are you also able to me the project file that is causing you this issue to me?

    If so, then once you submit your logfiles, I will reply by email including a link to use to pass that project to me.