Does Enscape work with a touch-enabled laptop screen?

  • Is it possible to navigate Enscape using the keyboard for walking and a touch screen for orbiting / orienting / zooming?

    I often experience directors and none Enscape users reaching out to my screen, to point towards the areas that they wish to see. If they could simply orient the view themselves, while I navigate the walking, that would be a great feature.

    Obviously, Enscape is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, but that does not apply to all designers.

  • Hi Kmiller , that's a nice usecase there!

    Yes, if the monitor input is being recognized the same as a mouse would, which is usually the case, you can tap the screen and it will be perceived by Enscape as left mouse button, allowing you to swipe over the screen to rotate the camera (or double tap to jump to a point directly!).

    But wait - the orientation is all wrong and moving the finger up also moves the camera upwards? Most people will find this confusing, as you expect to move the environment, rather than the camera.

    This is exactly why we've introduced the ability to invert both camera axes. You can find this setting in Enscape's General Settings -> "Input" -> "Invert Mouse X-Axis" and "Invert Mouse Y-Axis". Feel free to try it! Let me know in case there's any further questions.

  • I've purchased a touch screen (LG 23ET63V) wiht the hope of reviewing with customers aerial views mainly. The touch screens works fine with Photoshop, for example but when launching Enscape the behaviour is erratic: horizontal / vertical movements doesn't corresponds with RMB as I would like. Pinch gestures doesn't acts as zoom in / zoom out as does in Photoshop. Is there a way to map those gestures with mouse actions? In Unreal Engine, in the input section of project you can bind events to input devices buttons and joysticks (motion controllers in VR, I mean, or touchs aswell)

  • Hi Santiago_Rivera, indeed, we have no "touch screen only" controls. We have adjusted our mouse controls, so the mouse could be swapped with a touch screen if needed. Since we're still a 3D environment, and not a 2D one like Photoshop, there's some limitations blocking this from easily being done. For example, we don't have an infinite zoom you could control with pinch gestures (we have a Field of View setting, but this is currently only controlled in the Enscape settings, and it is limited between specific values). Let alone, we haven't introduced any "multiple pointing device" input at all, as the majority of users is not using Enscape on touch screens.

    I'm not sure what you mean by horizontal / vertical movements not corresponding with RMB as you'd like? Do you want to invert the axes? If so, you can do so in the "General Settings" window -> "Input" menu.

    Apart from that, there's currently no mapping settings in Enscape. I will file your remarks as a request for touch screen only controls - thank you for your feedback!

  • Technical problem would be occur any times with laptop. I faced the same laptop touch screen problem . I thought it would be solve after updated the system drivers . But after updating laptop would not be turn on. I was so frustrated with that problem and searching laptop repair service center. If anyone has any information then suggest to me.

  • by far the best experience moving in Enscape is to use a 3d mouse. It makes walking around buttery smooth. You just have to use the workaround in the forum to get it working these days. (basically paste the script in the 2020 folder) Here is a video showing how smooth it is. Takes a hot minute to get used to but once you do you will never go back.…

    Did you tried using in overhead mode, for orbiting around a building...? For me is impossible.

    Anyway, using a touch screen is a most friendly use for public than using a Space mouse.