Anyone using VRAY Proxies?

  • Hi All

    I am collaborating with a work colleague to help him in his role as architectural visualiser. He uses 3DS Max 2020 and I have set up a pipeline Between Max and Revit to take the load off him by getting the Revit guys to do a bit more work on the texturing in Revit so that there is less to do in Max.

    I have introduced Enscape to the practice and hopefully it will become an integral part of Revit work for the whole team.

    So far this has worked very well but I am hoping to cut out a lot of the photoshop post production work. Since he uses Vray in MAX I was wondering whether I could create Vray proxies using the Sketchup version (which I don't have) which could be used with the MAX version.

    I can produce everything I need for my purposes with Enscape using Sketchup and Revit, but I was hoping that I could produce an in-house library of custom Vray proxies to match my Skatter-produced Enscape proxies.

    Does anyone have enough knowledge of Vray proxies to tell me if they are cross platform / compatible?