Newbie question about Vram

  • Hello to dear developers and nice folks here.

    Recently I build up a workstation,my configuration is 3900X with 32 gigs of ram and 2060 super(8 gigs vram)

    My primary render engine choice is corona render for 3ds max,hence I grab a middle level graphic card,I want to give enscape a try.

    I have 2 questions,first one is,which level of detail or how large a scene which 8 gigs of Vram could handle in enscape renderer,are there any examples I can follow?

    secondly,is there any out-of-core rendering ability like redshift exist in enscape? what will have happen if I am running out of Vram?;)

    Happy thanksgiving!

    All the best!

  • Hello shiyan lin and welcome to our forum!

    First of all, you can try out trial version for free to see if it works well with the projects of your size.

    With 8 gigs of vram you should be able to very confortably work with no care about project size. At least in terms of VRAM amount.

    1. Really large scenes (in terms of dimensions, like cities) may introduce some rendering artifacts due to numerical precision.

    2. Making large screenshots (e.g. 4k) with RTX enabled may easily eat up all of the 8 GB VRAM even with the simplest scene. RTX is always enabled if you GPU supports it since 2.6.1. So if you will face this issue, you still should be safe with 2.6.0.

    3. Of course there are some limits. If you will use several gigs of textures in your model, don't expect it to work stable.*

    is there any out-of-core rendering ability like redshift exist in enscape?


    what will have happen if I am running out of Vram?

    Currently, Enscape will very probably crash if you are out of VRAM with RTX. This is one of the issues we are working on to improve in the future releases. This will imply quality vs. speed vs. VRAM usage compromises for the sake of stability.

    * - textures are not directly used in the provided resolution, there is a lot of logic going on behind the scenes to find the best matching of quality vs. mem usage, so you normally don't need to care about scaling them before using even if they occupy several gigs of memory alltogether.

    I hope I could answer your questions.

  • Really thanks for your reply!

    I give enscape the first try today,being really impressive about the reflection on the glass which adds lots of just stunning!

    I even play a little bit with the texture I exported from Substance Designer thanks to PBR material system of Enscape,just wonder will it be possible in the future that enscape could read .sbsar file directly? Then users of enscape will benifit from substance source.This move could greatly enrich the ecosystem of enscape.

    Just my 2 cents;)