Nested sections and shadows from hidden parts

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    We have just presented a project for a client, and we wanted to use Enscape for the illustrations.

    We did 95% of the illustrations with Enscape / Sketchup, but had to do the last 5% in Vray / Sketchup.

    It was not possible to create isometrics that showed the different levels using sections, as Enscape does not support nested sections - we did not want to cut the context, and the other issue was that building parts that was cut away, like the levels above and the roof, cast shadows, and therefore makes the illustrations look quite odd.

    As mentioned, we had to use Vray instead for theese illustrations, and Vray did a fine job, but I hope that we can use Enscape for all the illustrations.

    Did we do anything wrong or this is this a known issue / limitation? and are there any plans for changing the way sections work?



  • Enscape currently only supports one active section cut which definitely sucks for more elaborate presentations. You could do different sections in different renders and stitch them together in Photoshop but that might be rather labor intensive.

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    Hi Jorgensen Thank you for your feedback!

    I have upvoted this request in our internal feature request system - I also hope we'll have a solution for you, soon.

    Don't hesitate to share any additional feedback, it's always appreciated!