New site is nice, but where is the download beta section?

  • Hi Mirko ( happymilk)

    Thank you for your feedback! You're right, a few links had to be relinked after we've relaunched our website today. By now, everything should be functional again and, I've checked, the link from the downloads to the preview area is working fine. :) Let me know if you still experience any issues.

  • Can you confirm what "preview" versions are current please, as the new page is quite confusing

    Also you might want to correct your new web page to include that batch export is not available for the Archicad plugin (wish it was)

  • I think there is a little confusion in the download page.

    Big button "Get latest version" seems to refer to the latest beta, but the "version detail" note refers to latest stable version.

    Preview releases page says the latest beta is the 11357 and the date is september 2019.

    Older releases page says the latest version is 13260 released in november 2019.

    I hope you resolve these mistakes. Thanks.

  • Hey happymilk and Nuge , this is concerning, we seem to get different results. First of all, let's all agree to please always reload using CTRL + F5 when testing, so the cache is being emptied.

    Hi Kaj, thank you

    Now I reach the download page, but i have two issues:
    - Latest beta seems older than I remember
    - "Dawnload older versions" page is empty.

    The latest Preview installer is correct (2.6.1-Preview 5), but the text on the page was wrong, indeed. Good catch, thank you for bringing this up. We've fixed it.
    "Download older versions" seems to be working fine for me. Could you please try again? Thank you!

    By "Get the latest version", we're referring to the latest full release of Enscape, the preview release is not being referred to on this regular downloads page. Apart from that, only the text on the preview page seems wrong to me, everything else should be fine. Please let me know in case you find any other inconsistencies.

  • Hi Kay

    A little bit better to me.

    Now Ihave only a trouble:

    latest preview is 2.6.1-preview.5+12851 (04/11/2019) but in the older version page the last beta seems the 2.6.1+13260 (12/11/2019).

    It seems the older version is newest than the latest

    Only for me?

  • This is actually legit. The latest preview has been released on November 4th, while we then released a hotfix for the official version on November 12th, based on learnings we've gathered from the preview release.

    Hope this helps!

  • He means that the "Preview" version is older than the "Current" version - it would be a good idea to update the preview version to match the current version when a new current version is released. (To avoid confusion)

  • Yeah, well, the preview version (preview 5!) does contain these improvements already. Thanks for the clarification, though.

  • Hi Nuge , thank you for your feedback.

    I've spoken to our developers. They are doing their best do deliver an Enscape version supporting ArchiCAD 23 as soon as possible, but they're still battling a number of bugs that are reportedly very difficult to fix. We apologize for the delay, but at this point I can't give you a concrete answer to your question.

    Still, let me know in case there's any further questions!