Video path files need more info!

  • Hi guys,

    Great job on the software - looking forward to 2.7!

    I'm struggling to composite videos and animated people into my scenes. I'm not overly thrilled about getting into motion tracking the rendered video and having to make animated masks and things in AfterEffects as that seems like a massive time sink.

    I've found a python script that takes the videoPath.xml file and sets keyframes in Blender for a camera and a target empty (credits to Dion Moult:…mations-with-blender.html)

    This is great in theory but there's just not enough information in the xml file for this to work to the level we need, most importantly the easing interpolation in Enscape doesn't match up to any of Blender's presets. I'm primarily a 3D artist and not an animator so my attempts to manually adjust curves can leave my added screens or figures sliding a little bit. Additionally, there are no timestamps with the keyframes any more!

    I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement - even just an article on how enscape calculates easing would be massively helpful and I could script something to try to match it in blender. If something could be included in the xml though so it was just a one-click-solve from our end to be able to combine workflows with alternative software, that would be amazing!

    Thanks for the software!


    p.s. an ideal solution would be to have animated textures and animated assets straight in enscape for sketchup ;)

  • SketchUp has never been a tool for animation. I believe there are some extensions that work but not sure. For animated assets you really better off using Luimon and I don't see Enscape getting this functionality for a while or until sketchup add the ability. I curious what other have found on this as my client have a need for motion base assets.