Request: Ability to Combine/Merge Standalone Models

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  • Hello all,

    Let me give a little background on this... for the basic jist you can skip to the next paragraph. I was tasked recently with creating an aerial rendering of an entire (large) airport campus. We had individual models for each of the concourses etc in Revit, but even with all unnecessary model categories turned off in Revit, the combined model was too much for Enscape to handle all together in Revit. My solution to this was to export all of these parts to Rhino via FBX and further optimize them in Rhino. This worked perfectly, and I have been extremely pleased with Enscape's load-up and reload performance in Rhino, which is dramatically shorter than Revit's, despite the fact that this model has close to 100 vehicles, almost 10,000 lights, trees, a complex topomesh, a high-resolution custom HDRI skybox, and many reflective and photo-mapped textures. Amazingly to me, despite all of these things the file size of a standalone model from this project comes in just under 500mb. Unfortunately, what I do not have in this model is the detailed interior of our current project, which has been developed in Revit with textures perfected for rendering in Enscape, realistic IES-based lighting, and 3D RPC elements placed throughout. Even with a full export of the Revit project to FBX, these lights, texture settings, and RPC elements are not maintained in the transition to Rhino.

    So, here's what I would LOVE to be able to do - to take the Enscape standalone of my Revit-based interior/shell model (for one project within this large airport) and insert or merge it with the Enscape standalone of my Rhino-based site/context model. I'm not really trying to suggest getting into Lumion territory so much, but for this type of task the ability to do our work in Revit and then merge scenes with a photo-mapped site developed in Rhino (or Sketchup for some) would be a game-changer for us in terms of opening up our workflow to use each modeling platform for its strengths without being confined by its limitations.

    Is there any chance that this is possible now by dissecting the .exe files, if the two models share a coordinate system and skybox? If not, is it something that has been considered for development? In my opinion, this would get Enscape a lot of attention from the Lumion holdouts, and the ability to take accurately-rendered lighting from Revit and merge it with scenes from other software platforms would be even better than what Lumion offers.

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    thomasvick , thanks a lot - your feedback will gladly be forwarded to our developers accordingly. :) This generally has not been requested before much (maybe one or twice). So in this case there is, at least at the moment not very much demand, for this functionality, but a feature request will still be filed of course. Also, at the moment it is not possible to generally merge standalones together, or dissecting them, or similar.

    Again, thanks a lot for your feedback though!

  • Hi there!

    Is there any update on this development?!

    Merging EXE files would be INCREDIBLE for us working with an interior design firm that goes from Revit to Sketchup to Enscape, whilst we go from Revit to Enscape. This means we cannot simply update each other's linked model as the interior firm uses Sketchup for their detail etc.

    If I was able to open our Enscape file and have the interior designers Enscape EXE file linked in, that would solve our issues! No need to alter their enscape file, just need it visible in our enscape model.

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    Welcome to our Forum - I'm afraid there has been no update in development regarding this feature, and it is unlikely that we're gonna implement this anytime soon. Still, to make our product managers aware of the further demand for this functionality, please also forward your voice through our dedicated voting portal as detailed here.