Standalone Capabilties

  • Our office uses the Standalone Model for presentations to our clients. This meetings occur in our conference rooms which do not have the modeling software loaded.

    Is Enscape working on developing away to capture and exports images from the Standalone Model?

    It would be create to instantly be able to create a library of still images of the model and give the client immediately at the conclusion of the meeting.

  • "Print-screen"?

    Open an e-mail or word document, then use the <Print Screen> key on the keyboard when in Enscape. Use <alt>+<Tab> to bring up the open document and <ctrl>+V to paste from clipboard into the doc. (<alt>+<tab> to get back to Enscape)

  • Gadget , thank you, that's a nice workaround. ljohnson we're aware of the demand for this feature and I have upvoted the feature request in your name. Thank you for the feedback!