autoupdate via scenes?

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  • hi

    i wonder if i'm doing something wrong here....

    i have three layers a, b, c. - every layer contains different design propose for a building.

    i then use scenes to turn on / off the models (layers), but when i do this, the model does not update in the enscape view - even if i have activated "live updates".

    i need to close the enscape window and start it again.

    it would be cool if we could stand in VR and via the controllers go forward and backwards in the scene - to test different designs while viewing it 'live'.



  • I was just going to ask the same thing. Is the planned for future development perhaps? Being able to use scenes to turn on/off layers and have it update in Enscape would be very handy.

    It seems that currently the best method is to turn off Live Updates, turn your various layers on/off, and then turn Live Updates back on. Trying to toggle quickly back and forth using that method, though, is pretty much impossible.