strange mapping

  • Hi to the forums!

    I'm here to report a strange behaviour that just occured to me.

    Texture is being rendered differently by sketchUp and Enscape, never happened before..

    Thanks for your report - any chance you could briefly send me the project for troubleshooting purposes? :)

  • Sure! Here it is!

    first time I encounter this issue. I have to say that I premapped the component for making possible to make a dynamic component option available.

    Don't know if this operation messes up some Enscape settings.

    Strangely enough I cannot reproduce this problem (yet) with the project at hand - could you maybe provide me a short step-by-step "guide" of what you did exactly so that I can try to create this behavior on my machine as well?

  • Hi Demian, sorry for my late reply.

    You know that in sketchup is possible to apply materials to groups/components, but in this case you cannot control the mapping. In these cases there is a special workflow which allows the user to have a nicely mapped material, I call it pre-mapping.


    1. you make a whatsoever group/component which is default white;

    2. if you now apply a textuerd SU material to the group you get a "default" mapping, which rarely is the one you want; undo the operation and restore the default white;

    3. Enter the group/component until you see faces. Apply the material to the faces you want to be mapped, apply the textured material and actually MAP the texture onto the surface(s) with the standard SU tools for mapping;

    4. when you're done, select all the faces you have mapped and open the ENTITY INFO panel;

    5. you will see that the you have a small icon representing the material applied to the faces; click over the thumbnail representing the applied textured SU material and choose the default SU material again; in this way you get your white faces back BUT you don't loose the mapping;

    6. If you now exit the group/component and apply the texture to the group you will get the correct mapping onto the faces you have PREmapped.

    Hope this helps!