Inserting lights

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  • Hi All,

    Am I the only person that finds the process of inserting an Enscape light in Sketchup slightly perplexing?

    There just seem to be so many mouse clicks.

    Take the spotlight for example. First click you would assume is where the light is going to be placed; but no. It is the second click that places the light and then the third that chooses the direction.

    Then take the plane light for example. Same as before; the first click doesn't seem to do anything. The second click places the light, then the third click bizarrely seems to do nothing, and finally the fourth click allows you to choose the light direction.

    Surely the plane light would be more intuitive if it went Click 1; length, click 2, width, click 3 position (click 1 could also be position to reduce number of clicks), click 4 direction.

    Perhaps the apparently null clicks do do something that I'm just not aware of as there is no tooltip down in the bottom left corner that so many Sketchup plugins have? Also why are the lights sizes arbitrarily(?) clamped at 3 meters? why not 4? or 100?

    Just my musings,

    It'd be interesting to hear others thoughts on it.

  • Yep, placing lights is just super clunky and frustrating. Furthermore you can't use the snap to axes feature while doing the light placements so I always need to draw a temporary "helper line" in order to properly line it up.. That's why I prepared myself some lighting components ready to use with "Glue to" enabled, I just can't be bothered to deal with this every time I need a light.

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    Macker , thanks a lot for your post and feedback in general.

    Generally, check out our dedicated SketchUp lights knowledgebase article here - this should at least help with resolving any confusion regarding the placement. Still, I'll also forward your additional feedback as well, we did receive a few reports already as you can see regarding light placement improvements, so if there is anything else you wanna add let me know. :) But, maybe the article also helps enough to allow you to use our lights just fine.

    "Also why are the lights sizes arbitrarily(?) clamped at 3 meters? why not 4? or 100?"

    This is due to technical reasons. Basically a mix of technical limitations and performance optimizations - do you experience any problems with these fixed limits? :)

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    Yep...I hate it. it should be just a click and place and then move. Or a click move diagonally to draw the rec light. Since SKP is always snapping it makes it difficult to place these guys.

    Yeah. It’s definitely frustrating if you haven’t set up any construction lines to work from. It adds a lot of extra steps.

    I will forward your feedback, thank you very much!