Need Live Oak Trees in Asset Library

  • I'm working on a project in South Texas where we have a lot of Live Oak trees. Live Oaks are a species that grow erratically, with a trunk that is generally not vertical. The Enscape Asset Library only has vertically oriented trees, nothing that resembles that on the project. See attached images. For those of us with projects in the South, we need Live Oaks or other similar, organically shaped trees.

  • Enscape trees are beautiful! However in the Southern Part of the United States, it is common to see SOUTHERN LIVE OAK trees. Unfortunately these trees are missing from the Enscape library and creating a tree asset with the Custom Asset Editor is very difficult (managing the texture maps, keeping the poly count low, etc). Would it be possible to have the master craftsfolk on the Enscape content team create another masterpiece Southern Live Oak? I have attached a picture of one of the beautiful Southern Live Oak trees here in New Orleans. LA.

    Hi Sh3ny8nG

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    I have forwarded it to our 3D artists for consideration :thumbup:

    Rick Marx

    Didn't realize there is an existing forum post on Live Southern Oaks - is it possible to combine these? Don't want to spam the forum and miss out on the conversation.

  • +1

    It is also important to have some option of with and without the hanging "moss" parasites to complete the effect. I've used the live oak trees from Form Fonts, but it would be great to have a tree that obeys the wind effects and materials of Enscape.

  • I was so desperate for a Southern Live Oak I actually dove head first into the Custom Asset Editor in Enscape 3.0 and made one myself. I will say it is not a process for the faint of heart, involving pushing the original download from Turbosquid through Blender to get an acceptable polycount (still busting through the recommended 20k polycount recommendation) and the right output format before bringing it finally into Enscape. The results aren't bad, but they aren't great either and it would be super awesome to see what magic the in-house Enscape asset artists are able to cook-up!