VR experiences with ENSCAPE

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  • last week I have tried the Revit model of a multi storeies project with ENSCAPE using HTC VIVE.

    1.looks there's only a flying mode which will pass through all the slab or walls.I wonder if there could be real VR walkthrough mode with a limited boundary so that the client will not miss their way or suddenly jump to the roof :)

    2.normally a multi storey revit model will be huge with quite a lot details. I am not sure if ENSCAPE team will consider develop options for partially load the model in the scene in order to save the computer resource.and then come with a nice transition to the rest part of the model(eg. the other floor).just like the games.

  • bearsh2012 Thanks for your feedback!

    1. Thats connected to the more complex positioning system of the HTC Vive. But it's on our agenda and got your upvote.
      With the Oculus Rift you will be able to use stairs and blocked by walls/windows etc.
    2. You could use section boxes in separate views in order to avoid loading the whole project. And if you switch the views the model will be updated as well.