Custom HDRI 360 background Horizon plane

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  • Hello - I believe I saw this in a previous thread but couldn't locate it. Lately I've been working with montaging designs into 360 photos taken with a Ricoh Theta V. I seem to keep running into a couple issues.

    1. The perspective of the image doesn't quite match the camera perspective (bad for collage work)

    2. The horizon doesn't match the image, and I have to drop my geometry by 100-200 feet, and also lower items in the distance

    Is it possible to to have independent control over the perspective of the camera without influencing the 360 image, and also a slider for moving the 360 up or down? This feature would go a long way in helping better match Enscape views to 360 photographs.

    Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the good work!

    - Corey

  • I'm testing the usage of selfmade panoramas too and I quite happy with the results. Could you post some images about your issues?

    I afraid you can't expect so much from manipulating the view per render software. So far I understand there isn't so much possible. During shooting the pano you decide how the view will be looking. For example if you shot a pano in the park 70 cm above the ground than you can expect to render an interior and to look out the window and to see the park from 3m above the ground.

    Adjusting the horizon height is critical - the horizon of the model and the image needs to match. Attached an example where I mapped the pano to a sphere and moved the sphere up. It looks wrong.

    The second screenshot shows my virtual camera at approx. the same height like during shooting the pana - approx. 4m over the ground. It works.

  • The Clara scene looks like the scene isn't really flat, the street in higher at the curve side than at the straight one. An other problem could be that the pano isn't 100% leveled.

    If you want to know is Enscape using a wrong horizon or not you could do a test. Attached a "pano" with a horizontal line at 50% image height. I checked it here and it looks perfect. A large plane disk at height 0 matchs the environment horizon line. But I found that a self-shot-pano is in one direction higher than in the other. I thought it was aligned, but it is it not. Maybe it helps if you fine adjust the horizon line of your pano. But it could be difficult. For example I use Affinity and here I can adjust the horizon in 1° steps only, not finer.

  • I am a little confused

    do you mean here "customer background images" as an example in the sketchup.

    I can't do anything in the Skybox I know. But if I use my own background pictures, I have options.

    Before I used Enscape in another rendering program. The background image in the skybox could be made as a perspective or

    distorted in all forms, zooming etc. You could use directly the pictures from camera .

    I miss that, and was easier to work.

    I always take photos all around and the clients could see their own surroundings as background image.

    There were no work experiments in the sketchup (background image).

    I hope one day to be able to set "vertical and horizontal" at least.

    But still Esncape is much better8o