Video Editor Timeline Manipulation Advice

  • Hey all,

    I've put together a timeline with 36 keyframes. I'm struggling to work out the best way to efficiently manipulate the timeline. For example, the transition between keyframe 4 and 5 was a bit too rapid so I've stretched that out by a couple of seconds. It appears that in doing so, I've inadvertently dragged out the length of the entire video (from 1m:45s to almost 3 and a half minutes).

    I'd like to be able to adjust the timestamp on a particular keyframe and have the following keyframes maintain their position, relative to the one I've adjusted (rather than them all stretching out proportionally - which is what, I think, is happening at present).

    What would be very helpful would be a way to set a linear and angular velocity, both of which work together to act as a cap, themselves defining the time taken to transition between keyframes. I find it very difficult to create a consistent 'feel' throughout my Enscape videos because the pace from keypoint to keypoint tends to vary subtly, but noticeably (and undesirably).

    The nauseating effect is somewhat enhanced because it's so difficult to set a consistent 'eye level' and 'looking at' value <X.

    Does anyone have any advice to help me work through these issues more efficiently?

    Many thanks in advance.


  • David Seager , what I'll gladly do in general is forward your feedback of course - I'm sorry to hear that the current system is not yet intuitive enough to you. We're always also more than happy to get feedback in general from our customers so that we can improve existing features, or add new ones.

    Generally, I'm not sure if you saw this functionality already, but you can generally adjust the "Total Duration" of your video should it ever become too long:

    Maybe that helps already. Additionally, feel free to also check out this blog post here, as this may also aid you with the video editor, and if you like, you can also always schedule a screen sharing session with us in which we can give you a few tips and trips (of course also a general presentation), and also directly help you with any problems you're also currently having.

  • Hi Demian, thanks so much for getting back to me.

    There are aspects of the system which, although, not intuitive, I do quite like (only 'quite' though), but, ultimately, I'd prefer more control. I can see that the way (I think) the system works is that when you edit the timestamp on any keyframe the following keyframes have their 'pace' adjusted to adopt a 'similar' feel. In my case, reducing the pace of keyframe 4 (because the angular velocity was too great) means that the pace of keyframe 5 to 36 is reduced proportionally and the video becomes significantly longer. If I then use the 'Total Duration' slider to reduce the length of my video back to the desired length, keyframes 5 to 36 are set back to an approximation of the correct pace and keyframes 1 to 4 start to feel 'rushed'.

    It feels like a very, very manual process to adjust the 'pace' of every keyframe: preview, adjust, preview, adjust, preview, fine tune, preview and move on. Having done all of that, if then I re-watch the video from the beginning and decide I want to make a small modification to one of the early keyframes, I'm unlikely to do so because of the detrimental effect this will have on all of the following keyframes and the effort required to 'repair' them..