Revit Realistic Elevations

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  • We currently use Enscape to produce all our renders for architectural projects. However our elevations are produced in Revit where we have the view set to realistic within the graphic display. The Enscape asset trees, people vehicles etc then show up as 'boxy' greyscale images (as per attached image). Previously we used the Revit RPC trees which show up great within a realistic elevation (as per the attached). Is there anyway this can be achieved using Enscape assets?

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    Jacob 16a , thanks a lot for your inquiry.

    Is there anyway this can be achieved using Enscape assets?

    Yes. Kindly check out our dedicated knowledgebase entry here, under the title "Link Revit family to asset". :) This will generally allow you to replace any target family in the Enscape window with an asset you can choose from the Asset Library.

    Furthermore, may I ask why you're not producing the elevation views with Enscape directly?

    Be aware that you can also use the following commands which could very well help with this procedure:

    NumPad 5 Top View
    NumPad 2 Front View (set direction of view to project north)
    NumPad 8 Back View (set direction of view to project south)
    NumPad 4 Left View (set direction of view to project east)
    NumPad 6 Right View (set direction of view to project west)
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    Hey Jacob 16a in addition to what Demian suggested just a heads up that orthographic perspective will come with Enscape 2.7 (and will already be included in the next Preview), which will allow you to do elevation renderings straight out of Enscape :) :thumbup:

  • Demian thanks for the reply.

    Yes that will work well, but will just have to spend some considerable time linking all the assets. We don't do the elevations in enscape as we need them to be to a specific scale on a sheet (e.g 1:50 on A1). The majority of our jobs we also model the whole site and using the Numpad shortcuts then doesn't show the building elevation in isolation. For example we normally model the surrounding buildings for context, the numpad views then show the surrounding buildings. I suppose we could create a section scope box in Revit to provide the cut along the elevation, but again this is additional work.

    If we do replace target families can this be saved as a template, we use a floating license so want this to work on different machines? Also I presume the asset links remain anytime an update is installed?