Studio B's Virtual Christmas Paradise #EnscapeUnwrapped

  • This year Studio B took their Christmas decorations out of this world… and into the virtual one! Rather than use real-world decorations, we took a page out of Santa’s magical playbook and decorated our office in VIRTUAL REALITY using Revit and Enscape. Now everyone can walk around in real-time and enjoy the festive, fantasy space using VR goggles, their own phones, or even connect from the comfort of their own studio or home! As snow falls though the floating candles, ornaments, garland, and candy cane-hung structure of Studio B, Santa makes a surprise appearance outside our windows!

    Each member of the studio welcomes you dressed as a famous Christmas character from some of our favorite holiday movies, as we all warm our toes around the fire, and “B” Merry around the Christmas (and palm) trees.

    Not only was Studio B able to honor G+P’s green and Net-Zero design principles by creating NO WASTE, we were also able to develop a new cool virtual imaging technology that can now be used by the entire company for our clients on projects to come! Finally, since no cost was involved with supplying decorations in the real world, all proceeds that normally were collected to buy decorations, will now go to charity in full.

    Besides visiting each station and scanning the QR code to see each scene within our studio, you can also visit our decorated world from any computer through the following link:

    You can change viewing locations (we have 5) by clicking on the desired scene number on the top left of the screen.

    Come take a look around Studio B, it is virtually a Christmas Paradise!