Test animation

  • Hey guys,

    Just put together this "test" animation for a meeting on friday to showcase a new college we're working on - the final animation will be for this wednesday. We've been pleasantly surprised by the quality, though there are obvious things such as GI flicker that we'd like to see reduced, and we definitely would like more control over animation paths and parameters (such as fog amount, depth of field, etc) and an ability to save multiple camera paths (similar to scenes in Sketchup).


    Let me know what you think.

  • Looks great, agree with the GI flicker, it does take away slightly from the quality. I think maybe some of the scenes could do with slowing down a touch too maybe? You could always do this in PP if you have the means to do so.

    Agree also with the animation paths! Nice one thanks for sharing :)

  • Macker  dan_noviun The flickering can be reduced by increasing the noise reduction setting in the Capture-tab.

    NOTE: Previously, this post said that increasing the FPS and disabling Auto-Contast would help, which is not true anymore for current Enscape versions.

  • Nice test, impressive what can be done based on RT. Thanks. :)

    Your test shows also the issues with the auto exposure. I hope it can be refined, so that we don't get this kind of "moon light" effect where dark areas are dominant and only a few good exposured areas are shown. Maybe it's caused by a linear output and we need some exponential control like a burn parameter to catch bright areas without to loose dark one. If I understand right for example Iphone cameras enable the HDR mode to avoid burned-out-areas and to-dark-areas.

    At the end of the test clouds are flowing through the scene and the exposure goes up and down. A fixed exposure would be a first aid only, since we can't use it for camera movements from interior to exterior or other scene with strong lighting changes.

    EDIT: Attached a screenshot form the animation plus an adjusted version like I would see as output. Not perfect, but should show the direction, most brighten dark areas.

  • I tried turning off both auto-exposure and auto-contrast on some new footage that I've exported and there is still flickering; it's definitely the gi/lighting solution. The test animation was 60fps; I feel like 120 fps is overkill, especially when enscape only uses 1 GPU at a time.