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  • Hey guys,

    We are using Enscape quite a lot at the moment, and need a lot of frames rendering out. What is the best way to make this happen? This is a very clear bottleneck for us.l With offline rendering we would simply build a render node with a large amount of computational power - but with Enscape using only single GPU's I'm not sure how this would work.

  • So far, the best solution is to use a single GPU with maximum performance, like a NVIDIA 1080Ti. The next Enscape version will give a little speed up in rendering performance which might help you too.

  • So you would like to have the possibility to have an batch export?

    ..besides the fact a multi GPU system would deliver more power to increase the fps output.

  • Macker How many frames are you rendering, and how quickly are you hoping to get them done?

    I have had a different experience.... for me the speed of Enscape has finally removed the need to use network rendering / render farm, which has always been a hassle for me anyway. Once we have an unattended batch render function (to allow multiple animation segments to rendering one after another) a single computer rendering frames will be all the "farm" I need when using Enscape. I am talking about rendering approximately 3000 - 6000 frames and for me it is acceptable to render these over a few days.

  • I cannot say how large architectural firms work regarding rendering, however as a self employed guy working from a home office on a small server I would love to localize my projects on one machine. I have a few rigs for different chores however my main one is made for rendering and I would like to be able to set up all animation sequences and let them run over night. Problem here is we cannot do that as each animation only has a start and end so I would need to manually wait for one to complete in order to set up the next one. This is where we need better animation tools maybe a key-frame system, I dunno but something better than what we have, Secondly I have 2x 1080 ti's and adding another soon, Enscape would be so much better if it could utilize all my GPU's that way if I do need to wait to set up the next animation sequences it's a matter of minutes (4K animations) not hours.

  • If Enscape would act like a render plugin than the animation tools of Revit/SU/Rhino could be used - this would be a stable solution for pro use for the now.

    On the other side if Enscape could get more animation capability like known from the Simlab composer. This tool was grown over some years to a powerful animation program. The advantage would be, that the scene update could be done in RT and animation data could be direct used at the standalone.

    I think it's one of the most important features of Enscape will be to support all hardware than can be build to a PC. Smooth stereo VR experience needs calculation power. For me the current single GPU based system is like a first tech preview. And we shouldn't forget - the resolution of the current main VR glasses is to low, the next generation will have 4k displays like the Pimax glasses. At this point much more GPU power is needed.

    Enscape has the potential to render animations within minutes instead of hours or days. Alone this feature should cause a run on Enscape. ;)

  • We are several months away from Oct 2017 (at nearly May 2018) so how far is Enscape team on this? And would there also be a possibility to create a batch for making MP4. Our Sales department absolutely love the MP4's Enscape creates but I can only do one at the time an would need to wait as were it would be so much more economical to put several projects in a batch and let the calculations be done overnight?

  • So far, we have been able to speed up the video export a lot, so that you can export it MUCH faster on a local machine. These adjustments are currently included in the Enscape preview version, a few other speedups are yet to come until the next public release. The video batch export will follow too and is on our near term agenda.

  • Yep, I'm sitting here at my Alienware 1080 GPU office computer for 2 hours waiting for the video fly-around for my office project to finish. We need the video for a client Director's upcoming presentation.

    I dare not do anything, for fear additional processing on my PC may crash the render. I already find that trying to work on a separate model while a video rendering is processing at the same time is prohibitive due to slowness of my PC.

    Don't get me wrong, the new video fly-around/through tool is truly amazing and I certainly appreciate what it can do. But now that I see the sun, I want to fly.

    It would greatly benefit workflow to allow this rendering process to utilise any spare processing power we have in our office. We have over 120 computers, so there is some power there for loan.

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    Thanks all of you for your ongoing feedback - we've updated our agenda based on your requests.

    Everyone, please understand that we can't develop an unlimited number of features at the same time - we have to prioritize depending on the number of requests per feature. This is why some features, such as this one, may take some time to get finished. Nonetheless we always appreciate the insight you give us!

  • Thanks for the feedback Kaj. I can only speak for my self, but I feel like we all absolutely understand! You and the Enscape team are already incredibly responsive and are creating an amazing product at a blistering speed. These features, when ever they get added, will be great!