VR headset recommendations please!

  • Hello there lovely Enscape community,

    I'm still grappling as to which VR headset to invest in for our studio. Unfortunately I do not have the ability to 'test drive' them myself before purchase.

    Its the standalone exe files I wish to show my clients outside of my office, running off my laptop.

    I don't mind having cords running from the headset to the laptop, my biggest concern is a high resolution experience...nothing blurry.

    I have seen posts on the forum regarding problems with Enscape and HTC Vive.

    Any recommendations or experiences you have had would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance. <3



  • Hi houseofmanuela! It'd definitely be interesting to hear which of our supported headsets the community uses/ recommends. But also check out this forum thread, where my colleague Demian posted some general tips regarding choosing one of our supported headsets. Hope the information is helpful in you decision making! :)