Missed functionality from 3D PDF (turntable, view manipulation, predefinded views, animations)

  • Hi,

    yesterday I created an Enscape setup of an old project from some years before. During manipulating the view of the standalone I run in the problem I have seen several times last days - the view is difficult to clean manipulate. I rotate around a scene/object, but the camera target screw up/down or flip to the side. For product shots or simple architecture models I miss a turntable mode. Here an example how it could work - a 3D PDF from some years before based on baked textures:

    3D House


    More advanced the possibility to switch between predefined views, simple skip to the next per arrow keys - very useful for design presentations.


    Additional to predefined views also animations can be part of the slide show:

    Interior scene

    I think, we don't need to reinvent the wheel, we could take some approved features from the 3D PDF technology. This example was created several years before and maybe there are other 3D PDF features that could taken to the Enscape standalone. (SimlabComposer is an easy tool for complex 3D PDF creation, this tool could be a good inspiration for the Enscape functionality.) ;)