Model Workflow - materials

  • In our office we typically have a building model(s) and a site model. Most of the renderings are completed in the site model

    What is the best way to manage material settings for the building model(s)

    Ideally I would modify the materials in the site model - and then when I reload the linked model those settings would apply to the newly linked model

    Potential downsides - the teams working on the linked models may rename/change applied materials. So if we do the material editing on the building model, will those settings carry through to the site model?

    Does that make sense? What workflows are other folks using?

    Are those enscape material settings stored in the settings.xml file in /Documents/Enscape or are they stored in the model itself, or somewhere differently?

  • One workflow we have done is to export the sketchup materials as .skm files, which do keep the enscape material data.

    I have often run into the above mentioned downside - people change/rename materials to make it look a certain way in sketchup, breaking how it looks in Enscape.

    I usually end up doing all the material work in the site model, then making sure they get applied to the correct surfaces in the building model when I import it.

    The Material Replacer extension is a godsend for this function, the Material Tools are also very useful!