Door and door frames causing jumpiness and lagging with oculus rift

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  • Ever since the last update (march 15th) came out we are experiencing lag and jumpiness whenever we look at doors or door frames while using our oculus rift. We have tried different revit families as well as adjusted rendering settings. Nothing seems to help. Do you have any ideas of what might be causing this?

    Upon further inspection of other previous exports we had created with past Enscape versions, those too are having issues with what seems to be the sensor tracking on Oculus. The frame rates appear to be suffering tremendously all the sudden. Is there any way to revert back to an older Enscape version, preferably two versions back because that was where we had best success?

  • We were having the same problem with version 1.9.0. I setup a test run before a big client came in and noticed the problem immediately. Things were very jumpy, and the HTC Vive controllers were having severe tracking issues. Moreover the point of view would advance without any user input.

    I rolled back the program to using an old installer we had kept on our servers and the problem was resolved.

  • harrelldg I would recommend you at first to try a lower rendering quality. In the new version, global illumination is also active in VR mode when rendering quality is set to "ultra". That can cause tremendous drop of your frame rates.

    In general you can store previous installers, so if you want to downgrade you just have to execute the one you want.

    MrManguy We fixed the Vive tracking issues in our latest stable version. So I would recommend you to upgrade to our latest stable version.
    Additionally you can test lower rendering quality settings as well to reduce the "jumpiness".

  • I'm having this same problem even though i'm running on a GTX1080 GPU, It's surprising how the GPU rendering requirement of this program is so intensive.
    Could you perhaps add a mode between "ultra" and "high" in later version? or have an advanced option to let user control reflection/rendering qualities of some materials like mirror and glass? The new version makes the mirror looks blurry while running