Object/Layer Visibility in Sketchup Scenes

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  • Hi!,

    Will Enscape support Sketchup Scenes this year in terms of objects/layers that are hidden/unhidden in each scene? I could see this as being one of the patch updates. Currently it supports the camera location on sync but not objects/layer visibility (not yet). Any advice on when this feature will be available would be much appreciated. This could change my workflow of exporting anything to 3DS Max for construction animations and instead stay in sketchup (dream come true) :thumbsup: .

  • Hi jayvaai

    When switching the active scene in SketchUp, Enscape should pick up the visibility changes of layers and objects since version (with an important bugfix in so you have to use the preview version at the moment. If you are using the current preview version and have still problems, please describe in more detail what you are doing, what is happening and what you expected.