Enscape for Max

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    언제 3DSMAX에 Enscape를 사용할 수 있습니까?

    당신은 어떤 구체적인 계획이 있습니까?

    Please kindly translate your text(s) to English before posting so that everyone can read what you're saying. :) Thank you!

    Also, Enscape support for 3DS Max is demanded (not the most though), but there are no concrete plans yet regarding when or if an implementation will be coming soon, since we like to focus on the existing software support at the moment, among other improvements.

    Still! Your upvote will be added to the corresponding feature request to reflect the further demand.

  • We have had a one day curses with Enscape in the company I work for.

    Nice program as real time rendering together with Sketchup although, in my opinion, missing big amount of features that only 3D Max can give.

    As a Vray advanced user I can see the advantages of using Enscape for projects presentation, not only for your own but whenever you want to share your 3D projects with your costumers anywhere in the world. But I can also see the Enscape disadvantages compare to Vray in therms of quality rendering & the huge amount of material features Vray offer in comparison with Enscape.

    All in all, Enscape for Max would be a great idea.

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    Thank you for your honest feedback Fiat500 , I've also forwarded your upvote to the corresponding 3DS Max support topic on our agenda. :)