Presentation Tools: A Simple Pointer!!!

  • Hey all,

    We've had some great design meets in VR this this week, but our principal has been having trouble pointing things out to us because there is no simple pointer. I think it can be solved with a new feature where we can get a different colored laser (or whatever) with an enlarged sphere where it contacts surfaces. The goal is to just to communicate geometric relationships by creating some kind of "blip" whereever we point the controller. We use the HTC vive and currently our principal uses the butt of the controller to show us the alignments he wants to see, which can be confusing.;( Is there anything we can do about this? :love: Feels like it could be a simple feature to include based off the "teleport" function's laser.:S

  • Hey mattendler , thank you for your kind feedback!

    The laser pointer you've mentioned has already been requested and exists within our internal development agenda. I have increased the priority based on your recommendation.

    Don't hesitate to share any further feedback with us, as it's always greatly appreciated!

  • I would like to have a tool that has a laser pointer like the teleport feature without the teleport. This can be used when presenting in an environment with several onlookers discussing a project's details, etc. Maybe there is already a way to do this.