External asset library

  • Hi everyone

    I have not read all the publications about the asset library.

    but in general, like me, I observe that it is somewhat complicated with internet services

    I will not detail the parameters or similarities that I find in the post, we already know what they are

    My idea in this case, if possible, is to think about preparing an asset library package that can be managed directly from our machines

    ... or at least one option

    ... in this case, I forgot about the library, I forgot about the Internet ... little by little I have been assembling the asset library in an external folder

    ...and so far the results are as expected

    I can see the model, select, insert in sketchup and I do not worry about having or not problems with server or internet

    ...whether or not I am in areas of good or bad coverage

    In February I understand that we will have 2.7, if this pleases ... it would be a good idea to implement this option

    Greetings to all

  • Thank you - this has been requested before in a similar fashion, so I'll add your feedback and upvote to the existing topic. :)

  • Yes, I also want something like this please! I made a post under the request category, although maybe I should have made it here.

    Enscape assets

    The loading times for the asset preview pictures or whatever we call them in the library is very slow. Even though the internet connection is good. I would love an option where we could simply have maybe a download all to local button or something in the library. (Even if this is maybe just a download all thumbnail/ preview pictures feature, as long as the pictures in the library could just show immediately, I do not mind downloading an asset every time, as that is fast.) Then next time you launch it it could maybe immediately show? This problem will only become worse as more assets are added, in my opinion.

    And I really like the assets library, and would only like more assets, it is becoming more and more the go to place for me when I create a simple presentation that has no need for custom made assets just yet.

  • Thanks Hume , your feedback will of course be forwarded! :)