User path issue with Globe Plants

  • Hello there lovely Enscape people,

    I have just discovered the Globe Plants website and I am impressed with the quality of the models I have purchased.

    The only downside is that the plant models have to be stored in the root folder of the C drive (not ideal at all) in order for Enscape to read the textures correctly.

    If I may wave my arms about and ask for this to be addressed at the next Enscape update please!!!

    Those plant models are such a good resource and I'm sure many SketchUp-Enscape professional users would benefit from them.

    Many thanks.



  • Thank you; we'll try to have a look at that to see what we can do. May I also ask why this poses a problem to your in general? Then I can forward that as feedback too. :)

  • Thanks so much for getting back to me Demian. It would be much appreciated if you could have a look at this problem.

    Its not possible for me to store so many Sketchup models on the c drive as it would use up all my disk space. Each file size is significant, because the models are so detailed and realistic. A feature that is very important for a landscape designer :)

    Thank goodness for the linked model option in Enscape, I cannot say enough nice things about it:!:

  • Hey Manuela, thank you for your kind messages!

    I've reached out to Globe Plants to ask for a sample file (I didn't find any free samples on their website).

    I'll love to check this issue, I bet there's some possible solution to this.

    I'll let you know as soon as I have gained some insights.

  • Hey everybody,

    So, I'm afraid this is legitimate :( the reason is we don't have a texture-relinking-workflow at the moment, so all texture paths had to be set explicitly by the guys at Globe Plants (great job, by the way!).

    I will file your requests as feature upvotes for a texture relinking workflow, though, so we can one day provide a more convenient solution.

    If it's really pressing, Manuela, you can transfer the Globe Plant files over to a different drive, but you would have to relink all the textures manually, which is probably quite the task..