Furniture collections

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  • FIrst of all, I am realy glad with the progress made since releasing the Asset Library. I am glad with the growth of the number of models and the overall quality of the assets.

    I have been using the asset library a while now, especialy for interior visualisations. The qualilty of most assets are growing, i.e. the latetst sofa and beds are becomeing more realistic with the wrinkles and cushens!

    But the furniture right now is a mix of different interior styles which makes it hard to combine sofas with lounge chairs, tables, sideboards and shelves. This makes getting a realistic interior image much more difficult, because who would decorate their home with all this furniture which does not mix well? I would like to see furniture collections with matching furniture so we can dress up a room in a certain style!

    Perhaps you could get some advice from an interior architect on the selection of furniture in the asset library, and provide these as furniture collections? That would be a great help! It would also be a great help if we could adjust the colors/dimensions of the furniture, but I read that this is already on your radar.

    Keep up the good work with developing the asset library!

  • Of course!

    We plan to release upcoming assets in defined, style-based collections to make sure that you can combine things easier. This will include furniture, accessories and depending on the topic even more things like matching plants and/or people assets.

  • That sounds great :) I dont know if You know about They provide some of the best (if not THE best) furniture and accessories models in the industry. I've been using them for quite some time... and one of the most awesome features of their site is the "Model Sets" part... in here there is curated collections of models that fits nicely together :) This might be a nice inspiration for the asset library :)

  • Just want to add that selecting the right pieces is very important. I understand you don't want to stick to just one style, but all pieces should be attractive pieces in their own right. There's some random stuff in the furniture library right now that I can't imagine would work in any kind of style :)