display the page name in the render window

  • It is recommended to display the page name in the render window

    For example, the name of the Angle page I saved is "11", which I want to display in the render window so that I can adjust the corresponding parameter Settings, because my parameter Settings are named after the page name, and multiple pages have different parameters,I don't know which parameter I should adjust without this name, and it's nerve-racking when there are so many pages:P:P:P

  • Hi tas_1985 , thank you, that is actually a good idea!

    However, we're planning to allow to store settings presets per view from Enscape 2.7 on. This should make this unneccessary :) let's wait to see how this feature turns out, should you still require to see the view name in Enscape, I'll be happy to add this as feature request.

    Are you okay with moving forward this way?

  • I think that it would be a good element to add into a working overlay that didn't get printed but remained on-screen while working.

    (Similar to what has been suggested before: an HUD that displays artistic "thirds" grid or a company logo or the date/time or the current user or the client details...Or if you are geeky some debug data like the current memory usage, current screen resolution, number of proxies,...)