Zoom/Move SkyBox

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  • Hi everybody,

    Anyone familiar with methods/workarounds for zooming/editing the skybox? I would like to somehow fit the skybox to the enviroment.
    Editing the picture in Photoshop is not an option.

    • Official Post

    Hey ChristianVE ,

    Unfortunately, there's no way known to us to zoom in or change the height of a skybox. The reason is, you have a simple image file, but you're expecting to be able to see behind buildings, the top of things etc. That's not possible at this point using just bare image information.

    So the main workaround is: if you're creating your skyboxes yourself, maybe using a 360° camera, Google StreetView or a drone, just take multiple skyboxes from different positions, so you'll have a skybox for every possible perspective on your project.

    Or, use the Enscape "Capture" settings -> Depth Channel set to 10 000 Meters to create an Alpha Channel, and then use Photoshop to replace the background of your rendering with a regular image file.

    Let me know in case you've got any questions regarding this.