problem loading enscape materials and render settings

  • sometimes i start enscape in rhino it completely looks strange i do not have any material settings neither i can change anything

    it says that i need to start enscape with nvidia graphics card but when i do that nothing changes i changed settings to nvidia card on default but also nothing changes

    i reinstall program nothing changed

    i have educational student licence down bellow is looks when is not working, and another picture is when working

  • rista1996 , thank you very much for your report and welcome to our forum.

    In this case it would be easiest if you could simply send over the Rhino project of yours in question. Would that be possible? Then we can troubleshoot the cause behind this issue. You can upload the file to for example and send me the download link via personal message through this forum. :)

    Furthermore, since you mention that this only happens sometimes, could you also please make sure that your graphics card drivers for your NVIDIA card are up to date and that you're using our latest release?