Long load time; Assets not loading in Revit 2019

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  • First, Enscape is the best thing I've done for my practice in many years. The fly-throughs are flawless and impress everyone who sees them. Additionally, the rendering quality is superb and I love the flexibility in lighting, time of day, exposure settings, etc. It used to take hours for one rendering, now just minutes. Thank you for inventing this great software.

    I recently reset my license for Revit 2019 from single user to multi user. I also have a home license. After completing this process on my home desktop, Enscape took forever (several hours in some cases) to load the model and once loaded, many (but not all) of the Enscape assets did not load or render, primarily trees. I tried changing the tree species, re-installing Enscape, nothing seems to work. I am not running through a proxy server, just direct on my C drive. PLEASE HELP! Under some tight deadlines. Thanks.

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    Hi colin_r , thank you for your kind message, and welcome to our forums!

    Are you located in the US, and is your internet service provider Comcast? If so, you're experiencing a currently known issue. We're working hard to resolve this as soon as possible. For a short term solution, please refer to the workaround described here.

    I'm sorry there's no better solution at this point.

    Please let me know in case you're not located in the US and have the before mentioned internet provider.

  • Kaj Burival - I noticed in the thread about workarounds that Helen mentioned there was a fix deployed for this issue (Comcast in the US). Is there something we should be doing for this or was this a fix deployed on your end? I'd like to make sure if we need to install a new version that my teams all have the correct version. Thanks!

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    Hi cholden424 , I'm sorry for the delay. Yes, the issue has been resolved on the server side of things, no actions have to be taken on user side and you should be able to use Enscape again just fine. Let me know otherwise!