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  • Is it possible to set different views with different times of day in Enscape for Revit.

    I would like too switch between views in a standalone file (.exe), i usually set this up by highlighting the view with a star in Revit. However when I do the position of the sun is constant between all the views, I would like to save specific sun times for specific views. i.e View 1 is set at 12:00, View 2 at 14:00 etc....

    Is this possible?

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    Hi bgilada , welcome to our forums!

    Absolutely possible! First of all, if you use the "Create 3D View" button in the Enscape ribbon (), the newly created view will contain the time information you had set when creating the view.

    Apart from that, any Revit 3D View can hold daytime information. Just make sure to set your preferred daytime in the Revit Sun Settings, the "Still" option works best with Enscape.