Assign Enscape ID to custom geometry?

  • Can you make a box, for example, and assign it an enscape ID so that the box will be rendered as that id (like a tree or a car?)

    My real issue is taking an exported model from revit, which had several enscape assets. I was hoping I could someone change the text in the definition and have enscape render it correctly, but that isn't working.

    I know their is a tree library for revit that does this, unsure how to accomplish it in Sketchup

  • I have written a SketchUp plugin to copy and paste Enscape Proxy Id.

    It creates an Extension menu called: Enscape Proxy Id.

    Select one Enscape asset/proxy and run: Get Enscape Proxy Id.

    Then select the component you want to copy the proxy id to and run: Set Enscape Proxy Id.

    Now it should work.

    This plugin is released as is so use it at your own risc.

    Always try on a copy of your model.

    (It should work just fine but no guarantees.)

    Unzip and install plugin into SketchUp.

  • Wow - that is awesome. Will test it out and let you know how it works.

    BTW, are these types of things written in Ruby?