New license status=64 problem! Please solve it!

  • Hello.

    I already send a email to your support team with my license key. But they doesn't respond yet.

    my email;

    I used trial version before and today, i bought a fixed seat key. But it doesn't work!

    Please check my messages as soon as possible..

    and reply quickly...

    I really really need a help.

  • Hi binee2222 , welcome to our forums!

    I'm very sorry to hear about this issue!

    The license error 64 that you have received indicates that Enscape could not connect to our licensing server to verify the status of your license.

    Provided that you had access to the internet at the time this issue occurred, I assume that you’re probably connect to the internet via a proxy server?

    In that case, you might need to configure your proxy settings. You can do that by opening the General Settings window and selecting the Network option. Click the Edit Proxy Settings button, which will open the Enscape Proxy Server window. Then un-check the Use System Default checkbox to allow your proxy server details to be entered. You may need to ask your IT Administrator what information you need to fill out in these fields.

    If you are not using a proxy server, please make sure the box next to “Use System Default” is checked.

    [Blocked Image: https://attachment.freshdesk.c…MuC3GXC_qnceS-aof2espkr-0]

    Another possibility if you are not using a proxy server is that your firewall is blocking Enscape from connecting to our licensing server.

    Therefore, please make sure that you have the following URL exceptions and associated port numbers marked as exceptions in your Firewall settings:

    The port for these URL’s should be set to ’80’.

    If you then continue to experience issues with connecting to our licensing server, then please don’t hesitate in getting back in touch.