Enscape representative in Orlando Florida

  • Hello Enscape Team,

    At Fugleberg Koch we are currently working on remodeling an area of our building to create a Design Lounge. One of the many activities we are planning and would like to host at this new space will be architectural VR presentations as well as learning and training sessions for our employees as well as others in the area who might be interested in attending.

    As we develop our physical space and activities program it occurred to me that we would like to have a conversation with your representative for this area, Orlando, Florida, if you have one.

    We are making a significant investment in the design lounge and the equipment necessary to provide great client experiences during the design and development process, and Enscape is one key component among the tools we use to this effect.

    Please let me know who I can contact to get this conversation started.



  • Hey mannyl , here's the contact details for our partner in Florida:

    Digital Drafting System, Inc.

    5765 N.W 158th Street

    Miami Lakes, FL 33014

    +1 305-445-6480



    Let me know in case you need anything further!