fur texture

  • it's planned to set up a fur and hair texture ..... ???? i used grass texture but i can't get a good result

    is there a particular setting to obtain nice fur or hair texture ...

    thank you for the answer


  • Hi Christian,

    The grass texture, theoretically, can be used for other things like carpets, and maybe in some cases fur, too.

    But grass is setup to always be oriented upwards, so it will not work correctly on sideways or downwards oriented faces. For fur, you would like a type of sprite that's facing away from the surface it's applied to.

    I happily upvoted this thread in our system, but unfortunately can't tell you a different solution to this issue right now (except for using regular material techniques, like bump maps etc.)

    Would you be interested in sharing your usecase for fur and hair? Do you require this frequently?

  • thank's for your response ...

    i work mainly for interiors decorators who often ask me for elements with fur texture and the rendering with the grass texture is a little too coarse .....

    I'll forward your additional feedback, thank you.