Ceiling material spreading onto other elements

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  • Hi all! I hope you can help me out with this annoying error;

    I'm not sure why my ceiling material is affecting my walls and even some openings such as the door at the end of the image. All these other elements are assigned with other materials but they're just strangely being overridden and I haven't figured out why.

    At first I thought it might've had to do with the 2 phases of the project but I don't think that's the issue.

    Can anyone shoot me some clues? Thanks!

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    JCVar90 , so first off, please make sure that you're using the appearance tab of your materials in Revit itself, if you've also selected the Appearance tab in the Enscape settings to be used as main material output:

    You can also use the Graphics tab of your materials in Revit to define how the materials should look in Enscape, but the Appearance tab is a lot more complex! So we recommend using that tab instead.

    If that doesn't explain it or help, then is there any chance you could briefly send over the project? :)

  • Sure it's not the phasing..?

    If you by some chance has got the material of the existing-phase set to the same material appearance as your ceiling this is what it would look like.

    Make sure the 3D view is set to a phase filter (in properties) with everything "by category" (manage>phases>phase filters)