Emissive material doesn't work on a Face-Camera component

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  • Dear Enscape people,

    I have a quick question for the developers. I'm not sure if this is how the program is supposed to work, or if it's in fact a bug.

    Is it normal that the emissive feature of a material doesn't work if the texture is applied to a face-the-camera component?

    I'm modeling a fire torch and the fire is a simple rectangle with a texture of a fire on a transparent background applied to the surface.

    The emissive material works fine as long as the rectangle is a regular component. However when I set it to always face the camera, the emissive feature disappears.

    Is this normal?
    Thanks a bunch in advance.

  • VahePaulman

    Changed the title of the thread from “Emissive material Doesn't work on an Always- Face-Camera component” to “Emissive material doesn't work on a Face-Camera component”.
    • Official Post

    Thanks a lot for your report.

    Emissive face-me objects are not officially supported in general - we are aware of this issue you've described, but I cannot tell when or if this will be resolve(able) anytime soon I'm afraid. Still, I'll forward this again to our developers. :)

  • I have come across this issue with 2D silhouettes that I use quite a bit for concept renders. The shading on their faces is always funky. It would be great to have an emissive material that just keeps the face bright and does actually emit light for things like this.