VR Teleportation Issues.

  • VR Oculus Rift with exported standalone Enscape model.

    When using the teleportation feature, the teleport does not work when aiming at the ground. Only wall, ceilings, & objects work for the teleportation.

    Is this a issue with Enscape, or the Oculus? I've re-established the room boundaries and calibrated the floor multiple times.

    Also, teleportation seems to go through windows/ glass. Is this intended? I'll frequently have clients accidentally teleport out of a building due to a window on the other side.

    Thanks in advance,

  • A.bere , sounds more like an issue related to Enscape I have to say - first off, could you please make sure that you're using our latest release of Enscape as described here? If an update doesn't help, or you're already on that latest release, then is there any chance you could maybe send over the project for troubleshooting purposes? Usually, you should be able to simply and freely teleport to any ground location you like. Also, you should not be able to teleport through anything solid - this can still occur sometimes if you're teleportation yourself on a window sim for example, thus the player may also move through the window.

    Again, if you could make sure you're up to date, that would be great - receiving the project if an update doesn't help would also be good so that we can directly have a look at it. :)