Vote for the Picture of the Week!

  • Which rendering should be the upcoming Picture of the Week? 26

    1. Lakeside house- Enscape 2.7 caustic test (12) 46%
    2. RENDER STUDIO (6) 23%
    3. Metamorphosis Enscape 2.6 render (5) 19%
    4. Shadowbox studio shot (2) 8%
    5. Marina's room (1) 4%

    Vote for your favorite picture! More information in the post below.

  • ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Dear Forum community,

    In the past an internal jury decided which great rendering would be our Picture of the Week and get posted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

    Now it's time for you to decide which creation will win!

    Each week 5 renderings will be handpicked from the Showcase section - if your rendering did not make it this week, then maybe the next week! Still, we will not be able to always include every good rendering since sometimes there are just simply too many (from one user too for example), which is why we'll select only 5 a week for now.

    The voting will start each week on Thursday and 7 days later the poll will be closed automatically (this week is gonna be an exception and the voting starts straight away) - afterward the winner will become the next Picture of the Week, (which will be posted two-three weeks later on a Friday).

    All you have to do is to simply have a look at the shared pictures, decide which one you like the most and then cast your vote in the poll above. :) You can also adjust your vote until the poll ends!

    1. Lakeside house- Enscape 2.7 caustic test




    3. Metamorphosis Enscape 2.6 render


    4. Marina's room


    5. Shadowbox studio shot


    Also, please feel free to share any feedback with me regarding what you would like to see improved when it comes to this particular voting!